• 15 January 2017

Chemist Teeth Whitening and toothpastes. Are they effective and how do they compare to professional teeth whitening

If you have dull or stained teeth, Teeth whitening can transform your smile into a much whiter and brighter one.

Our teeth can discolour from a variety of reasons such as:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Red wine
  • Smoking and
  • Ageing

Ace Dental on the Gold Coast offer professional teeth whitening, either in the chair at our dental clinic or with our take home teeth whitening kit.

But you may ask, why would I have a dentist perform my teeth whitening when I can get a teeth whitening kit from a chemist?


This is a good question and here Ace Dental discuss how effective store bought teeth whitening kits really are and the difference between those and a professional teeth whitening treatment performed by a dentist.

A teeth whitening system can be an affordable and quick way to restore the whiteness and brightness of your teeth, giving you back that winning smile.

Chemist teeth whitening kits are generally cheaper but the concentrate of the whitening agent; hydrogen peroxide gel, is much weaker meaning it will take you longer to achieve whiter teeth.

When whitening your teeth, you may not realise it is very important that your teeth and gums are healthy enough for the teeth whitening process and only a dentist can assess this.

Ace Dental will give your teeth a thorough clean and check-up at our Gold Coast dental clinic first before any teeth whitening procedure. A chemist won’t and can’t do this!

The check-up will ensure your teeth won’t be left too sensitive by the teeth whitening system and a thorough clean will ensure you will achieve an even white coverage.

You may not be aware that any crowns or fillings you have may be affected by the teeth whitening system you use. They may whiten at different speeds, so it is vital that you seek the advice of a professional teeth whitening dentist to ensure your teeth whitening procedure will have your desired effect.

Generic whitening toothpastes available at the chemist merely remove surface stains temporarily and often don’t contain the bleaching agent required to whiten teeth.

Another advantage to a teeth whitening treatment with a dentist is if you have sensitive teeth. A dentist will be able to closely monitor the teeth whitening process so you experience no discomfort.

Ace Dental use the industry leading Zoom teeth whitening technology with highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel and a customised mouth tray for maximum results. Store bought kits provide a “one size fits all” mouth tray so some users experience discomfort when wearing the mouth trays and these are required to be worn up to two times a day.

At Ace Dental, the teeth whitening process takes approximately 30 minutes and the results are outstanding. A DIY kit could take weeks to deliver results and those are usually not on par with a professional teeth whitening treatment.

If you are interested in teeth whitening and want it done professionally with proven results, call Ace Dental on the Gold Coast on (07) 5532 3577 to discuss how we can assist you with a professional teeth whitening system, either in the chair or at home that will give you a bright, white and confident smile.



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