Removal of Teeth - Extractions


Before any extraction, an examination and radiographic (x-ray) examination must take place to ensure a safe procedure. For wisdom teeth extractions that are beyond the scope of general Dentists, we refer to trusted Oral Maxillofacial specialists.


Extractions may be done under local anaesthetic in the dental chair, or under general anaesthetic in a hospital setting with an Oral Maxillofacial surgeon.


Reasons for extraction:


-Severely decayed or broken teeth

- Past root canal treated teeth that have reinfected

- Orthodontic reasons

- Consistent wisdom tooth impaction and pain

- Periodontically involved teeth (loose teeth)

- Baby teeth that cannot be taken out by the child


In the unfortunate event that a tooth needs to be extracted, our Dentists are here to help with their extensive experience. They understand that the procedure may cause anxiety in some patients and endeavour to make the experience a comfortable one


Root Canal Therapy


When a tooth has undergone extensive damage either from a heavy fall or a large decayed lesion, the pulp (blood supply or "nerve") of the tooth slowly retreats and dies, leading to infection and in most cases, pain. If left untreated, the infection will spread to surrounding tissues and at worst can reach the brain tissue. In any case where there is facial swelling that reaches the eye, the patient needs to go to the hospital immediately for antibiotic treatment.


Root canal treatment is the process of removing infected or dead pulp from a tooth and replacing it with dental materials over three appointments, this enables the tooth to be retained. This saves your tooth however it does leave it in a more brittle condition because the blood supply is not longer there. A root canalled tooth can be compared to a dead tree, it is more brittle than when it was alive, and therefore needs reinforcement, in this case a crown for strength.


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