• 15 March 2017

Mouthguards. The difference between the chemist, sports store and the dentist ones

Ace Dental have been providing customised mouthguards to children and adults on the Gold Coast for over 7 years.

Sports mouthguards are an essential safeguard to prevent trauma to the jaw, mouth and teeth during contact sports and can help to reduce the risk of brain injury.

Mouthguards are ready available from Gold Coast chemists, sports stores and dental clinics but are they all equal?

Here, Ace Dental aim to provide a guide to chemist, sport store and dentist mouthguards so you can make an informed decision when you purchase one for yourself or your child.


Dentist made

Generally, after an appointment at the dentist for a mould to be taken of your teeth, a customised mouthguard will be created. These dental mouthguards:

  • Are perfectly customised to your own mouth and teeth
  • Protect teeth, gums, mouth and jaw
  • Give an accurate fit
  • Are vailable in a range of colours
  • Are comfortable to wear
  • Do not restrict breathing
  • Prevent tooth displacement
  • Help to prevent brain injuries

Ace Dentals Dental Prosthetist can also expertly create a mouthguard to accommodate for children with braces and for the movement of their teeth.

Sports Store & Chemist

Although a mouthguard can be cheaply and immediately purchased from a sports store or chemist, it not does allow for an accurate fit or full customisation to suit an individual perfectly.

Generally, instructions include boiling the mouthguard to get some malleability, then biting the mouthguard in attempt to create a moulded shape.

Every person’s mouth and teeth are different, so the “one size fits all” approach could actually damage your teeth more in the event of a collision.

Often the materials used in the store-bought mouthguards are an inferior quality, being thick, quite rigid and can be uncomfortable to wear and can aggravate gums.

Breathing under exertion with a non-customised mouthguard can become more difficult due to its thickness.

Custom mouthguards – the safest alternative

Custom made mouthguards, moulded perfectly for yourself or your children with Ace Dental, can significantly reduce the chance of major damage and costly dental repairs to the teeth during contact sports. They also offer an element of protection to the jaw and brain.

Our mouthguards are professionally created, made of superior quality materials, are comfortable to wear and do not restrict breathing.

For optimal dental safety, call Ace Dental today on (07) 5532 3577 to schedule an appointment for a mouthguard - It is better to safe than sorry when playing contact sports.

Our Gold Coast dental clinic has over 7 years experience in creating custom mouthguards and we can also provide general, cosmetic, preventative dentistry and kid’s dentistry. Root canals, teeth whitening, teeth removals, implants, dentures and emergency dentistry.



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