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What is an Orthodontist?


An Orthodontist is a dental speciality that specifically deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Orthodontists specifically help to correct and align teeth, bites and jaws.


Whilst a dentist takes care of the general well-being of your mouth, an Orthodontist has completed further education to become facial and dental development expert. An Orthodontists care plan is a long-term treatment and uses the aid of braces, retainers and other devices to straighten teeth and align your bite.


A Dentist on the Gold Coast that also offers Orthodontic work


At Ace Dental we have the speciality and skills to deal with all your Orthodontist needs. Whether crooked teeth are causing you pain and discomfort, or you are just not happy with the appearance of your teeth, this is where our Orthodontist can assist.


Invisalign Teeth straightening


Your dentist will tell you crooked teeth can pose a myriad of dental issues, not only can they look unsightly, but with hard to clean areas plague build-up is inevitable.


Many years ago, if you had crocked teeth and wanted them straightened your options were limited to clumpy, steel braces that often ached and made it hard to eat. Ace Dental’s Orthodontist can now offer you more discrete and more effective options.


Our Orthodontist can provide a comfortable and virtually invisible solution to straighten your teeth without any changes to your lifestyle, Invisalign teeth straightening can help correct your smile without any permanent hardware. Invisalign provides a clear aligner that can be easily removed for eating and drinking, this process may take a little longer than fixed braces, but Invisalign gives you more freedom and control.


Fast Braces


Our Orthodontists on the Gold Coast have access to Fast Braces which do exactly what they say, they work fast to correct teeth alignment. Fast braces do not only provide a fast solution to teeth alignment but are comfortable and an affordable option for patients.


Whilst most younger patients are happy to sport the metal braces, adults are usually less inclined to opt for the more noticeable solution. Fast braces provide two options for their clients.


The Orthodontist at Ace Dental can fit metal Fast Braces, these pull your teeth into line using a metal wire. This is an intensive treatment that is quite cost effective for patients that need a controlled and drastic teeth realignment.


For the more image conscious and usually more mature market our Orthodontists can recommend a clear alternative that is slightly costlier but can provide fast results with a more discrete appearance.


Ace Dental can work to improve your general oral health, but also has the skills and expertise to assist with any Orthodontist needs. Our Gold Coast practice can claim insurances on the spot with our HICAPS machine and we are the first choice of providers of health insurances; Bupa and HCF.


Call Ace Dental to arrange an appointment to discuss your general dental and Orthodontic needs at our Gold Coast clinic today.

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