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Teeth Implants available at your local Gold Coast Dentist


When you are missing a tooth it can leave you feeling very self-conscious. The way you look can affect the way you feel, but the loss of a tooth can have more far-reaching consequences.


Implications of losing a tooth


A missing tooth can affect the way you look but from a Dentist’s perspective it can also affect your whole mouth. If you do lose a tooth it is important to visit your dentist to find out how it can affect you.


Losing a tooth can cause the jaw bone to shrink and the gum to pull back, weakening the neighbouring teeth and forcing them into the newly acquired gap. This can make your face appear olden, sunken and wrinklier, as your jaw is a less of a stabilising force for your face.


Every tooth is important.


Tooth Implants are available at your Gold Coast Dentist


Dental implants are a permanent lifelong solution to replacing teeth in the unfortunate event that you lose one.


At Ace Dental our teeth implants are made from titanium which low density, but high strength, giving you the light weight of a tooth whilst providing durability. Teeth implants are screwed into the root of your tooth, which becomes one with your bone and takes the place of your natural tooth for life, preventing all issues associated with a missing tooth.


Teeth implants imitate your natural teeth and are a stand-alone entity that do not rely on your other teeth to be stabilised or supported.


You can replace one or several teeth with teeth implants, when considering this option it is important to understand that your mouth will change over time and the full effects of losing a tooth or teeth do not instantly present themselves, but will in time.


The advantages of having teeth implants


  • Teeth implants are fixed in place
  • Teeth implants can last a lifetime if properly maintained
  • Teeth implants are as strong as your natural tooth
  • Teeth implants look natural and fill the gap that would have otherwise been empty
  • Teeth implants preserve the bone thus preventing deterioration of the jawbone.


The disadvantage of having teeth implants


  • They can be costly


Teeth implants can be costly upfront however in the long-term can save you money on rectifying the damage a missed tooth can cause.


The process of teeth implants at your Gold Coast Dentist


When performing a teeth implants procedure, it is a carefully planned and thought out process. The patient will be under local anaesthetic for their comfort. Where there is not sufficient jaw bone support, the dentist at Ace Dental can add artificial bone to add stability where necessary.


How to look after your teeth implants


  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly
  • Have regular professional teeth cleans
  • Whilst teeth implants can’t get cavities they are still prone to wear and tear so care for them and they will last a lifetime.


To discuss whether teeth implants are the right option for you, call Ace Dental, your local Gold Coast Dentist, for more information.

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