• 5 February 2017

What is the difference between crowns and veneers

At some point in your dental care, your dentist may indicate that you require a crown or a veneer. Crowns and veneers both cover a tooth but the difference is how much tooth it covers.

Ace Dental on the Gold Coast specialise in both crowns and veneers. We have over 7 years experience and here, we provide a guide on crowns and veneers and when we would recommend them to a dental patient.


A crown is a customised porcelain cap that completely covers a tooth to reinforce and strengthen it and can give a patient many years of stability. 2mm or more of the tooths natural structure is removed to place the porcelain crown over what remains of the tooth.

The porcelain of the crown can be colour matched to existing teeth, so make an aesthetically pleasing solution for:

Post root canal therapy – To strengthen the tooth as root canal therapy removes the blood supply to the tooth and it can become brittle.

Cracked tooth syndrome - To protect the tooth’s nerve from bacteria entering via a crack or fracture.

Large fillings - To protect the tooth as large fillings remove a great deal of the tooths structure, making it weak.



Veneers are made of a thin shell of either porcelain or tooth coloured resin, but unlike a crown where it acts as a cap for the whole tooth, veneers simply cover a tooth’s front surface (the side that shows when a person smiles).

Veneers require less of the tooth’s natural surface to be removed to apply them (approximately 1mm or less of tooth enamel). This will allow room for the veneer to be applied and to restore a natural looking tooth form.

Veneers are aesthetically pleasing and provide a viable option for teeth that are:

  • Fractured
  • Poorly contoured
  • Stained
  • Require shaping
  • Misaligned

If you would like to discuss having a crown or veneers with the Gold Coast’s preferred dental clinic, call Ace Dental on (07) 5532 3577 and we will see which option best suits you. Our dentists treat each person as an individual and tailors their dental care accordingly.

Our services also include general, cosmetic, preventative dentistry and kids dentistry. Root canals, teeth whitening, teeth removals, implants and dentures.



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