• 5 September 2017

What should I do before I whiten my teeth?

What should I do before I whiten my teeth

There are many things that can make your smile a signature. May be your lip curls a bit, or you have an overbite, sometimes even a slightly crooked tooth can make your smile dazzle. But whatever this list of perfect imperfection includes, yellow, stained teeth is definitely not one of them.

Stained teeth scream of poor oral care and bad food habit, so whether or not you have the perfectly aligned set of teeth, maintaining the colour of your teeth is crucial.

Usually, discoloured teeth and stains are caused by certain habits like smoking and frequent drinking of tea or coffee. Unfortunately, no amount of brushing can get rid of the unsightly discolouration. You need to have this issue professionally handled and one of the easiest ways it can be done is through teeth whitening.

To have the best result, you need to prepare yourself for the procedure. Below we have shared a number of things you should do before you whiten your teeth.

Get your teeth professionally cleaned

One of the most important things you need to do before getting the procedure done is to have your teeth professionally cleaned. This will help you get rid of dental tartar and other embedded sediments that cannot be removed with your toothbrush and floss. Scheduling an appointment with the dental hygienist about a month prior to the teeth whitening session would be a wise idea.

Adjust your oral care schedule

High fluoride treatment limits teeth sensitivity. So, if you already have sensitive teeth prior to whitening, plan your oral care schedule accordingly. If severe sensitivity persists, you should see a dental professional.

Brush and floss

Remember to brush and floss your teeth making sure you have all food particles removed before you get the actual process done. With clean teeth, you definitely will see greater results.

Keep habits in check

Teeth whitening and coffee just don’t go together, it’s as simple as that. If you are planning to whiten your teeth, know that consuming staining products such as red wine, coffee or tobacco while bleaching is an absolute no-no. Also these products must not be used for at least two hours after whitening. Because the portals in your teeth are open, they will suck stains in faster than they normally would.

Word of caution

We don’t blame you if you think swishing with hydrogen peroxide will help whiten your teeth. Because they use it in bleach treatments, it’s only logical that you can DIY too, right? Wrong. Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide will severely damage the soft tissue and mucosa in your mouth. So, steer clear of it.

And lastly, don’t even consider going to a cart, stand, or mobile whitening unit instead of going to a dental professional just to save a few bucks. This seemingly innocent decision might cause you more harm than good and can lead you to much more expensive dental procedure in the future.

At Ace dental, we use industry leading teeth whitening technology. The procedure will be done in no time and the results will be outstanding. So if you are considering getting your tooth whitened, or have any questions regarding the issue, give us a call and we would be happy to assist.



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