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Teeth Whitening on the Gold Coast


Don’t hide your smile.


A smile is a true display of happiness, don’t hide your smile away because of yellow stains and discolouration. Teeth whitening can transform your teeth from dull and stained to white and sparkling, giving you the confidence to smile.


Teeth whitening at the Dentist on the Gold Coast or a take home kit


Through everyday living teeth can discolour for a variety of reason such as drinking coffee, tea and red wine, smoking and simply the aging process. Teeth whitening is an affordable and quick fix to a sparkling smile.


When whitening your teeth don’t trust anyone other than a dentist to tell you if your teeth and gums are healthy enough for the teeth whitening process.


Ace Dental offers two teeth whitening services in our Gold Coast Dentist clinic.


Ace Dental offers an in-chair teeth whitening service or a take home kit. We advise that anyone undergoing teeth whitening has a through teeth clean and check-up first. The check-up will ensure your teeth won’t be left too sensitive by the teeth whitening system, plus the tooth clean, whilst helping keep your teeth and gums plague free, will also assist with giving you a more even white coverage.


Teeth whitening can also be affected by crowns and fillings, they all whiten at different paces, so it is best to get a professional dentists opinion.


In-chair teeth whitening on the Gold Coast


Ace Dental use the industry leading teeth whitening technology. Zoom is only to be used by a qualified and registered dentist. Firstly, we provide a thorough examination before starting the teeth whitening process, followed by a professional clean.


The teeth whitening process takes approximately 30 minutes and the results are outstanding. Zoom has been known to provide the best teeth whitening results amongst others brands in its price bracket.


Take home teeth whitening kit on the Gold Coast


The take home teeth whitening process occurs over two appointments.


The first appointment – we take impressions of your teeth so we can prepare a custom whitening tray specifically suited to your mouth, this is where the teeth whitening gel will be placed. We tailor the tray to your mouth so that you get an even coverage and no spillage onto your gums.


The second appointment – your teeth whitening trays are delivered to you and you will be educated on how to apply the tooth whitening system.


It is important to remember that everyone’s teeth are different and results may vary, however both our teeth whitening systems have been highly recommended by our clients on the Gold Coast.


Have something to smile about, visit the Dentist on the Gold Coast


If you cover your mouth when you smile, or you avoid photos due to teeth discolouration, maybe it’s time to visit your Gold Coast dentist and discuss how we can assist you with a professional teeth whitening system that will give you the confidence to smile.

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